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Welcome to the The Art of Relating

We are all the same in our common desire for love, respect and inner peace. Yet we each have our own unique ideas about how to create and sustain those desires, not only in our relationships, but also within ourselves.

It is not these ideas that cause the problems in our relationships. It is our attitudes, choices and reactions to our uniqueness that can disempower us and cause the pain, loneliness and feelings of insecurity and lack of confidence.

Nowhere is this gap so wide as in the abyss of confusion and misconception which exists between masculine and feminine values and principles. This lack of understanding and empathy progressively leads to a life of irreconcilable differences.

The Art of Relating illuminates and closes the gap while delivering ways to master the many facets of feminine and masculine values and principles, especially within intimate relationships.

You will better understand and be able to feel and create the magic as well as the awesome power of all your relationships when you can (1) honor and include all differences; (2) become aware of natural relationship cycles; and (3) empower yourself with information about gender and sex that has long been obscured.

Join us and elevate all of your relationships, from personal to professional into new dimensions of satisfaction, intimacy, joy and freedom.

Contact me by E-Mail at jack@theartofrelating.com.

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