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Welcome to the The Art of Relating

"Remember that existence consists solely in its possibility for relationships."
~Medard Boss

Everything we ever learned about relationships we learned on the fly.

Unfortunately, on the fly training does not guarantee a strong foundation for building a successful relationship. On the fly training, however, can build a path to misunderstanding and lack of compassion.

The Art of Relating is about building that strong foundation. We accomplish this by inquiring not so much into what we are doing but more into “who we are being.”

The Art of Relating will guide you on a path to increase your Relational Intelligence. You will discover the inner qualities that determine your choices and ultimately your particular relationship dance. Being aware of your dance enables you to transcend the barriers to a mutually rewarding relationship.

The Art of Relating brings out the best in you. The Art of Relating brings out the best in us.

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