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Welcome to the The Art of Relating

The Art of Relating illuminates the myths and realities about gender in personal and professional relationships. Love, approval, anger, jealousy, romance, intimacy and passion are revealed in such a way that every relationship can be empowered to new heights, especially your relationship with yourself.

Women and men have fundamentally diverse values and needs. They each approach relationships and express themselves in unique ways conditioned by their specific cultural and emotional experiences. It seems at times like women and men actually speak two different languages, and, as time goes on, tend to focus more on the differences than the similarities. Yet, women and men are also very much alike, and a greater understanding of this paradox, including its patterns and cycles, will foster more love, romance, and intimacy in all relationships.

The Art of Relating is a 2-day experiential course. In the course we explore what works and what doesn’t work rather than prescribing how a relationship should be. Uniquely designed to simulate an actual relationship, the weekend creates an open and safe environment in which to explore attitudes toward feminine and masculine values and principles. Participants gain immediate access to insights into the dynamics of their relationships.

We promise that you will see things through new eyes, hear what is being said with new ears and experience the joy of your relationship with a renewed heart.

Contact me by E-Mail at jack@theartofrelating.com.

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