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Welcome to the The Art of Relating

Jack Rafferty "Everyone has one thing in common. They are doing the best they can with the knowledge and understanding they have about what it takes to create a mutually rewarding relationship."

As an innovator with forty-two years experience as a relationship guide and course facilitator, Jack has developed simple techniques that are easy to understand and put into practice. He has worked with thousands of people who have an interest in creating more conscious, fulfilling relationships.

Jack’s mission has been to expand the horizons of this knowledge.

In 1971 Jack was one of the founders of est, a preeminent organization in the human potential movement.

In 1980 Jack turned his focus to relationships. Through years of research, presenting courses and coaching, Jack has developed a unique approach that produces results that make a difference in people's lives.

Contact me by E-Mail at jack@theartofrelating.com.

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