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Welcome to the The Art of Relating

Our need to connect is a fundamental need for everyone. Our health and happiness is largely dependent on the quality of our connections with other people.

The Art of Relating is about empowering you to have deeper, stronger connections in all your relationships.

Increasing your awareness of how people respond or react in a wide range of situations is an important factor.

Being sensitive to what people are asking whether spoken or not, will lead to deeper, more meaningful and lasting relationships.

This is accomplished by guiding you on a path to increase your Relational Intelligence.

The primary characteristic of Relational Intelligence is the desire to bring out the best in everyone you interact with. It is the ability to analyze and evaluate information in order to form a judgement (Critical Thinking) combined with compassion, empathy, skill at verbal and non-verbal communication, and active listening.

In short, Relational Intelligence is about being fully present. My promise is that you will heighten your ability to be present and communicate, while experiencing a stronger connection and more joy in all your relationships.

Contact me by E-Mail at jack@theartofrelating.com.

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