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Welcome to the The Art of Relating

  He really understands and respects women and helped me understand myself. He also taught me about men. I am forever grateful to Jack Rafferty!!
Dr B

When it comes to bridging the gender gap, nobody beats Jack Rafferty. Imagine my great surprise upon discovering that nearly everything I knew about love, romance and relationship was at least partially wrong, or worse yet, totally backwards. Thanks for setting me straight, Jack!
Michael Ra Bouchard
Clinical Sexologist

I could say, in his presence we fall more in love with the best of ourselves. He's a 'guy's guy' who knows how to translate the soul and desires of women. My attraction to and attractiveness with women has exponentially grown and enriched every aspect of my life.
William Cummings

His practical wisdom and insights into man-woman relationships are unique. Jack has coached us to move out of power struggle and into pleasure and partnership.
Dr Michael

The blinders, I didn't know I was wearing, came off. It is wonderful seeing the light.

Jack is one of the most extraordinary human beings I have ever met. He not only has the ability to create winning interactions with everyone he meets, and in every interaction he encounters, but he also is able to successfully coach others in recreating that same mindful way of being. Iíve seen him sort complex problems between couples, within entire groups, and individual minds and hearts as their world was falling apart. He is a master at releasing victimhood and a special lover of the Divine Feminine.
Dr. Steve Hinkey

From sex and intimacy to dealing with daily problems, Jack addresses all facets of relationship in a safe and compassionate manner. I highly recommend him.
Ron McCray

Participating in your courses provided my wife and me the ability and motivation to transform our emotional and sexual partnership.


Contact me by E-Mail at jack@theartofrelating.com.

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